Yagira Yuya and Kaho to star in BeeTV’s “Blizzard”

Yagira Yuya (20) and Kaho (19) are co-starring in a new mobile drama series titled “Blizzard.” This is BeeTV’s 38th series since launching in May 2009, but it is the service’s first suspense story.

As the title might suggest, the story is set on a snowy mountain. It focuses on a group of 9 university students who belong to the same mountain climbing club. When a heavy blizzard cuts them off from the rest of the world, one by one they begin falling victim to a string of mysterious murders.

Besides Yagira and Kaho, the other students are being played by Hosoda Yoshihiko (23), Inoue Masahiro (21), AAA member Atae Shinjiro (22), Shiho (18), Tomiura Satoshi (19), Seki Megumi (25), and Igarashi Shunji (24).

The series will last for 12 episodes, each approximately 10 minutes in length. The first two episodes will begin distribution on April 1, and the third episode will start the next day. After that, BeeTV plans to add a new episode every Saturday.