Ochiai Koji, Narashi City official, accused of forcing teen girls to send explicit photos

Under suspicion of violating the law against juvenile porno, Ochiai Koji, a staff member of Narashi city in Chiba Prefecture who works at an elementary school within the city, was arrested. He is also suspected of forcing a 15 year old girl in who lives in Kanagawa prefecture to take 4 naked and other obscene pictures and send it to his mobile phone which he saved.

According to the Metropolitan Police department, the accused Mr. Ochiai made himself out to be a high school student and posted on “Twitter” sending messages to young girls reading, “I want to see your naked body”. He also posted naked pictures and videos of himself on posting websites.

In regards to the investigation, the accused acknowledged the accusation saying things such as “I wanted to communicate with young children”.


Child pornography possession laws meet resistance in Japan

Faced with mounting foreign and domestic pressure, Japan’s government has been forced to rethink how to handle the country’s huge market in child pornography, raising hopes for an overdue ban on possession.

While it is illegal to produce or distribute child pornography in Japan, possessing it is not – an anomaly Japan shares with only one other G8 nation, Russia. The release last month of national police agency figures showing a dramatic rise in the number of known child pornography cases coincides with new calls for the government to take action. Yet, say campaigners, national legislators lack the political will to change the law.

Investigators took action in 1,342 cases in 2010, the police agency said, a rise of 43.5 percent from the previous year. The number of reported child pornography victims, meanwhile, rose to 618, an increase of more than 52 percent from 2009 – a new record since that type of data was first compiled in 2000.

The existing law has effectively encouraged the growth of a lucrative market in sexually explicit images of children, ranging from manga comics to animated movies and, at the most dissolute end of the spectrum, films of children being subjected to rape, torture, and other crimes.

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Japan child porn cases surge to record high

Japans number of known child pornography victims surged by half last year, data showed Thursday, a new record in a country where it is legal to possess sexually explicit images of children.Despite its production and distribution being outlawed, Japan is seen as a major global source of child pornography in photo and video form, and authorities have stepped up efforts to contain the problem.The National Police Agency on Thursday said law enforcers took action in 1,342 child porn cases last year, up 43.5 percent from the previous year, to reach a new record since such data was first compiled in 2000.A total of 618 children under 18 were recorded as having fallen victim to pornographic exploitation, up 52.6 percent, police said.The widespread availability of online child pornography in Japan is further fueling the problem in a country where general crime levels are low.

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Police data shows Japan child abuse at record high

Cases of alleged child abuse in Japan have risen to their highest level since records began 10 years ago.

Police figures indicate 187 children were the suspected victims of physical and sexual abuse in the first half of this year. Eighteen children died.

The report also found that cases of child pornography in the same period had risen by about 60% to 599 cases.

Analysts say the higher figures partly reflect an official clampdown on the sexual exploitation of children.

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