Akihabara: The One Stop Japan Spot for Otakus

Japan is notable for its many splendour tourist spots such as Shibuya, Okina and Kyoto. However, if there is one spot Otaku’s from all over the world wish to visit and this would be none other than Akihabara. Akihabara has been considered Japan’s one-stop-shop for all anime lovers and enthusiasts.

Where in Japan:

Located in Sotokanda, Tokyo Prefectur, Akihabara (秋葉原) is two stations north of Tokyo Station. Locals call the area Akiba after the local shrine. This area has gained quite the recognition from all over the world due to its diehard otaku culture. Major developments have already occurred thanks to the Akihabara Crossfield complex that promotes Akihabara as the centre for global electronics technology and trade.

How to Get There:

It’s easy to head to Akihabra thanks to Japans’ complex train systems plus their trains give meaning to “faster than a speeding bullet.” There are two options of which are as follows:

  1. From Tokyo Station: Akihabara is located two stations north of Tokyo Station by Keihin-Tohoku or JR Yamanote Line. The trip costs 130 yen and will only take three minutes. However, during the weekdays, Keihin-Tohoku line skips one station between Akihabara and Tokyo which will cut off a few seconds off travel time.
  2. From Shinjuku Station: Travellers should take the JR Chuo Line (colour orange) from Shinjuku to Ochanomizu Station of which takes approximately ten minutes. After, take a quick transfer to JR Sobu line (colour yellow) for one more station headed to Akihabara. This trip takes two minutes max. Alternate options also include taking the yellow train without transfer from Shinjuku to Akihabara for seventeen minutes trip. The fare costs 160 yen for either case.

What to See:

As mentioned, Akihabara is the centre for Otaku enthusiasts and lovers. From maid cafes to Tokyo anime centres selling merchandise and games, everything can be found here. It’s best to load up the wallet because the merchandise scattered around can easily lure Otakus in.

  1. Maid Cafes: Cosplay themed restaurants abound where food is served basically by waitresses in frilly and colourful attires. These “maids” also engage in fun activities with the guests.
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  3. Tokyo Anime Center: This is found on the UDX building of Akihabara Crossfield where anime related exhibitions are held.
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  5. Gundam Café is extremely popular where food is served in gundam themes. A gift shop is also connected where visitors may purchase souvenirs and goods.


Why Visit Akihabara:

While Akihabara is heaven on earth for Otakus, some visit the area for real steals when it comes to the latest gadgets and electronics. Various centres offer whopping deals that are definitely a real steal as compared to any other place in Japan or overseas.

When to Visit:

Akihabara is open all year round! Take a trip to one of Japan’s busiest and most Otaku-friendly place on earth.

Important Reminders:

Japanese don’t like tourists taking photos inside stores. Unless you’re a famous celebrity or you’ve got special permission, keep the trigger happy camera’s to yourself or outside the store.

World Cosplay Summit 2012

An audience of about 18,000 attended the World Cosplay Summit 2012 finals in Nagoya, Japan on Saturday. 40 representatives from 20 countries, including the United States, competed for the top spot.

Japanese cosplayers Yukari Shimotsuki and Kaito won this year’s grand prize as the characters Hijikata Toshizō and Kazama Chikage (family name first) from Hakuōki Shinsengumi Kitan. The duo won the ANA Prize and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Prize. This is Japan’s second win in four years, having won in 2009.

The World Cosplay Summit was launched in 2003 with four participating countries. Since then, it has expanded to 20 participating countries: Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The last four years’ grand prize winners were Brazil (2011), Italy (2010), Japan (2009), and Brazil (2008).

Hashimoto Admits it All – Had Affair and Doesn’t Even Deny Cosplay

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto has admitted to an extramarital affair with a club hostess prior to entering public office, confirming the revelation the day before a weekly tabloid magazine published a detailed account of their relationship Thursday.

The popular Hashimoto, who plans to support up to 300 candidates in the next Lower House election, said late Wednesday that the article in Shukan Bunshun magazine detailing his relationship with the woman in 2006 was generally true.

The article in Shukan Bunshun, which also revealed last autumn that Hashimotos father was a gangster, was described by the mayor as containing truths and distortions.

Read the rest of the story: Hashimoto admits affair, doesnt deny cosplay.


Tokyo Game Show – 2009 Cosplay Alley

If you have never been to the Tokyo Game Show, you are missing out on some awesome cosplay…there is a space between the exhibit halls that is called “Cosplay Alley” and Kotaku.com has a great set of pictures from this year’s alley scene…

We think Day 2 the cosplayers were really in full throttle mode as their costumes rocked…Do you agree?

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World Cosplay Summit 2009

The World Cosplay Summit(WCS) of 2009 in Nagoya is off to a great start!

The WCS is a cosplay event sponsored by TV Aichi. The “World Cosplay Summit” was created to promote international exchange through the Japanese youth culture of manga and anime. The free and dynamic nature of manga was instrumental in the birth of cosplay. Nowadays youth from around the world find this as a common language and a dynamic new form of global interaction. The World Cosplay Summit began in Osu, Nagoya and has grown to include 15 countries from around the world. If you count audience and participants at each preliminary event, the number of people involved is now in the 100s of thousands.

If you happen to be in the Nagoya area check it out and have some fun! This is a huge international event with lots of activities and it happens all over the world. So if you don’t make it Nagoya it might be coming to a town near you soon.

We hope you have a great time at the World Cosplay Summit, as they endeavor to continue the development of this new form of international exchange. If you have pictures or stories from this event email them to us at bionicbong(monkeytail)bionicbong.com!

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