Japan Strengthening Fight Against Criminal Gangs

Japans National Policy Agency said Thursday that it will strengthen its fight against new gangs accused of repeatedly committing criminal activities such as assault and remittance fraud.    

The NPA will study the networks and funding sources of such quasi-crime syndicates as some are believed to have strong connections with yakuza organized crime.   

The effort will initially target dozens of former members of a biker gang known as Kanto Rengo and hundreds of members of the Dragon, a group composed of children and grandchildren of Japanese orphans left behind in China after World War II.

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Japan to Demand South Korea Return Tsushima’s Stolen Buddhist Statues

The government will demand that South Korea swiftly return two Buddhist statues that were stolen last year from a temple on the Nagasaki Prefecture island of Tsushima, which is situated about halfway between the two countries, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Wednesday.

“We will call for the speedy return (of the statues) through diplomatic channels and in accordance with international law,” Suga told reporters.

His comments came a day after a provisional ruling by the Daejeon District Court in South Korea that one of the statues, Kanzeon Bosatsu Zazo, from Kannonji, a temple on Tsushima, should not be returned until it becomes clear through legal proceedings if the Japanese temple acquired it in a lawful manner.

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Ex-Zojirushi exec, Soshu Ozaki, slain in his own home

Police have launched a robberymurder probe after a former vice president of Zojirushi Corp., one of the country’s leading makers of household appliances, was found bound and unconscious at his Osaka Prefecture residence and died later Thursday.

Soshu Ozaki, 84, was found with his hands and legs bound and his face covered with plastic wrap, Osaka police said. He also was wounded in the left eye.

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Yakuza end up with 35 million yen in disaster aid

Four yakuza members have been arrested amid revelations that at least 260 gangsters received 35 million yen $450,000 in government assistance intended for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Social welfare councils are demanding that about 170 gangsters in Fukushima Prefecture and 89 gangsters in Miyagi Prefecture pay back the funds. The four arrested gang members are suspected of fraud.

However, the number of illicit recipients is likely to increase because police have investigated only about one-fourth of the 40,000 payments made in Miyagi Prefecture.

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Osaka man held over women’s restroom tapes

Police said Tuesday they have arrested a 26-year-old man in Osaka Prefecture on suspicion of secretly filming women in restrooms. They allegedly seized about 2,000 videos of women from him.

Toshiyuki Morikawa allegedly sneaked into women’s restrooms, including at a supermarket in Osaka Prefecture, and secretly filmed three women between July and August.

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Japan: Taxi Company Exec Arrested for Mahjong Gambling

The vice president of a taxi company in Tokyo has been arrested for allegedly running an illegal gambling ring with his employees, police said Saturday.The suspect, Kazuhiro Kimura, 56, is accused of renting an apartment near the company offices in Setagaya Ward and holding a mahjong game for eight employees on Nov 9, TV Asahi repoted.

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Japan police move on Olympus as investors demand clean-out

Japanese police have launched an investigation into the financial scandal engulfing Olympus Corp, a newspaper said on Thursday, as a major investor joined increasing calls for a wholesale clean-out of the board.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police are investigating the firm’s concealment of investment losses for possible violation of financial laws, the Yomiuri newspaper said, adding that police had asked Olympus for internal accounting documents and would also question Olympus executives and related officials.

Police would work with markets watchdog the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, which is already investigating, and with Tokyo prosecutors, and swap information with the U.S. markets regulator and the FBI, the paper said.

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Printers in Hyogo break off relations with gangsters, refuse to print business cards

A printers union in Hyogo Prefecture said at a meeting on Wednesday that its members will refuse to fill orders placed by gangsters, reports the Nikkei Shimbun (Oct. 26).

The Hyogo Printing Industry Association voted at a Kobe hotel in favor of its members breaking ties with organized crime and refusing to fill orders for business cards, New Year greeting cards, and declarations of membership termination in compliance with the recently enacted laws.

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Tokyo hostess club busted for employing high school girls

The manager and another employee at a Tokyo hostess club were among those arrested for employing minors, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Oct. 25).

Officers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police took manager Koji Nakakarumai, 31, staff member Ichiro Goto, 28, and two others into custody for employing high school girls at hostess club Apricot in Sumida Ward in violation of the adult-entertainment law.

Nakakarumai and Goto have denied the allegations, while the two others have admitted involvement.

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Tochigi man busted for stealing school girls’ uniforms and panties

Ibaraki police said Thursday they have arrested a Tochigi man for allegedly breaking into girls’ high schools in three prefectures and stealing underwear and school uniforms. According to a report on TV Asahi, the thief’s three-year spree covered Ibaraki, Tochigi and Saitama prefectures. Police said the suspect, identified as 24-year-old Hiroki Hosojima, may have stolen as many as 1,500 separate clothing items. Police arrested Hosojima in connection with a school break-in last May and discovered the stolen items at his home over the course of their investigation.