JAXA Rocket Information Stolen by Computer Virus

Japan’s space agency said on Friday that information on one of its newest rockets was stolen from a desktop computer by someone using a computer virus.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said that the virus in a computer at its Tsukuba Space Center northeast of Tokyo was found to be secretly collecting data and sending it outside the agency. The agency said that after the virus was detected by antivirus software on Nov. 21, it conducted an emergency sweep for viruses that showed no other computers at the center had been infected.

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New hack attack hits Japan defense firm, Kawasaki Heavy Industries

A hacker stole e-mails from at least one Japanese defense contractor in an attempt to acquire confidential information, sources told The Yomiuri Shimbun.

The newspaper said Sunday the unknown hackers apparently tapped into e-mails at Kawasaki Heavy Industries in August and downloaded some of the contents.

Police were investigating the scope of the intrusion and whether or not other defense companies were victimized and whether any sensitive defense information was stolen.

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Cyberattack hits Sony PlayStation accounts

Sony said Wednesday intruders staged a massive attempt to access user accounts on its PlayStation Network and other online entertainment services in the second major attack on its flagship gaming site this year.

The Tokyo-based company temporarily locked about 93,000 accounts whose IDs and passwords were successfully ascertained by the blitz. Sony sent email notifications and password reset procedures to affected customers on the PlayStation Network, Sony Entertainment Network and Sony Online Entertainment services.

Credit card numbers linked to the compromised accounts are not at risk, Sony said. It has "taken steps to mitigate the activity" and is investigating any wrongful use of the accounts themselves.

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Japan says no key data lost in cyberattack

Japan’s defense chief said Tuesday that the country’s largest arms contractor has suffered a cyberattack, but that no sensitive information is known to have been lost.

Defense Minister Yasuo Ichikawa urged Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Ltd. to strengthen its data security systems.

"We are not aware of any important data having leaked to the outside," Ichikawa said.

The company makes ships, submarines, missile parts and other weapons for Japan’s military.

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Japans Defense Industry Hit By First Cyberattack

Japans biggest defense contractor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, said on Monday hackers had gained access to its computers, with one newspaper saying its submarine, missile and nuclear power plant component factories had been the target.

The company said in a statement that some information could have been stolen in the first known cyber attack on Japans defense industry.

"Weve found out that some system information such as IP addresses have been leaked and thats creepy enough," said a Mitsubishi Heavy spokesman.

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