Daruma Dolls and Daruma Kids

We Love Daruma has put some more fun into the Daruma tradition and their own little twist with Daruma Kids. If you don’t know what Daruma is…

Daruma is a guardian of our hopes, dreams, and wishes. As he focuses on your goal, Daruma’s eye never blinks. He reminds us not to, either.

Dear to the hearts of the Japanese people, Daruma reflects their determined spirit and peaceful
outlook on life. Daruma’s Zen roots go back 1500 years, to Bodhidharma, founder of Zen Buddhism.
The traditional Daruma doll represents the silhouette of Bodhidharma in deep meditation. Today,
Daruma dolls are exchanged as gifts to mark occasions of all kinds, and millions keep a Daruma on
hand for its motivational power and as a symbol of love and hope.

While the Daruma tradition is deep-rooted in Japan, it is still not well-known outside of it. We created
the We Love Daruma brand and website to spread Daruma’s optimistic and inspiring energy around
the world. The timing, we feel, could not be more pertinent. Daruma’s positive force is just as valuable
in good times as in difficult ones, but our current economic climate has made the need to focus our
energies all the more essential. The tools of success are within all of us, but as we go about our hectic
lives, we could all use a little encouragement and support. Daruma urges us to remain determined, to
never give up on our dreams, and to achieve what we’ve set out to do.

How It Works
The centuries-old Daruma tradition is positive, constructive, and simple. First, think of something
special you wish to achieve. Next, draw or paint one of your Daruma doll’s blank eyes. Place Daruma
someplace visible, so that while he focuses on your objective, you’ll be reminded to do the same.
Once your goal is realized, signify your accomplishment by drawing Daruma’s other eye.

On welovedaruma.com’s “Tradition” page, viewers are encouraged to browse the five different colors our Daruma dolls come in, as well as learn about the meanings behind each one.

Red | Luck and Good Fortune | Great for students taking exams or athletes facing new seasons
Yellow | Security and Protection | Many people feel safer with a Yellow Daruma in the home
Purple | Health and Longevity | A silent but persuasive partner in a weight loss challenge
Gold | Wealth and Prosperity | Mark the beginning of a new venture or kick off a charity drive
White | Love and Harmony | Ideal wedding gift, starts newlyweds off in the right direction

“Roll With Your Heart”
Unlike any other Daruma doll, each We Love Daruma doll features a trademark hand-painted heart on
its back. Users may inscribe their goal or wish in this special spot. And, a sticker describing the
meaning of the Daruma doll’s color can be found on the underside of the doll.

Eco friendly
We Love Daruma dolls are handmade with recycled paper and only water-based paints in Takasaki
City, Japan under healthy and fair conditions.

We Love Daruma gives back
We’d like everyone’s wishes to have a chance to come true, so every time we sell a Daruma, we give
a portion of the proceeds to Children’s HeartLink, a non-profit organization that helps enhance
existing pediatric cardiac programs to support life-saving treatment for needy children.
(www.childrensheartlink.org) We believe charitable contributions are an essential component to any
business and are proud to make it a priority for ours.

Introducing…Daruma Kids
Inspired by the traditional Daruma, Daruma Kids are five friends who bring the adventure of
childhood to life with fun and stimulating stories. These original characters were developed with
modern kids and parents in mind, providing families with conversation-inspiring stories and mini
movies. Like grownup Darumas, the Daruma Kids present a positive and constructive message.
Through their actions, they champion principles like cooperation, friendship, perseverance, and

Be sure to watch the Daruma Kids pilot animation entitled “Blaze goes to Camp”, which can be
accessed from www.welovedaruma.com/kids.html

Each of the five Daruma Kids not only has a distinctive personality to call their own, but a color, too!
Hailing from different regions of Japan, Blaze, Carly, Rich, and the twins Dharma and Ollie come
together to help each other’s dreams come true.