Matsuda Shota dating model Kuroda Eimi

According to this week’s issue of FRIDAY, actor Matsuda Shota (26) and model Kuroda Eimi (23) are in a romantic relationship.

The magazine published a photo of the pair leaving a bar together a few days ago. They later got in a taxi with another couple and got out at Matsuda’s apartment.

It is said that Matsuda and Kuroda’s apartments are within walking distance, so Kuroda has been visiting Matsuda once or twice a week. The two were also seen together at Matsuda’s mother’s birthday party on October 8.

A friend of Matsuda’s mother says that the two have been dating since 4 years ago, though it is also said that they broke up at one point. Rumors of their relationship were first reported by a tabloid in January 2010.

Matsuda’s agency says that Kuroda is just a good friend. Kuroda’s agency gave no comment.