Teenage girl dies from suffocation in Japan ‘exorcism’

Fifty-six-year-old monk Kazuaki Kinoshita and the girl’s 50-year-old father Atsushi Maishigi were accused of what police described as "waterfall service": strapping the victim Tomomi Maishigi to a chair and dousing her face with water.

News reports said the two men poured water over her as an "exorcism" with the father holding the girl down while the monk chanted sutras.

Miss Maishigi’s mother called an ambulance after her daughter fell unconscious, but it was too late. She was confirmed dead early the next morning.

"The cause of death is suffocation," the police official said.

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Singer Ayumi Hamasaki implicated in drug scandal?

Japanese pop princess Ayumi Hamasaki’s record label Avex Trax, a subsidiary of Avex Entertainment, has reportedly been trying to transfer her management rights for one billion yen ($15 million) after the singer became embroiled in a drug scandal involving colleague Manabu Oshio.

According to Japanese media reports, Avex arrived at this decision to prevent her drug scandal from affecting the record label’s stock prices, though industry observers say the figure is simply too low to be true.

Oshio was arrested in December last year on suspicion of giving the recreation drug Ecstacy to a hostess who later died of an overdose.

Source: Live journal

Kaori Kawamura – Dead From Breast Cancer

Kaori Kawamura, a Japanese pop musician, died from breast cancer on July 28th. In 2004, she had surgery on her left breast, and had a period of remission until 2008.

She was half Russian and half Japanese. She debuted on TV with her first song “ ZOO” (written by Jinsei Tsuji) when she was only seventeen years old. The year was 1988. Her boyish face and style quickly got the young people’s attention in Harajuku as her ‘boy’ style took central stage in this place where fashion always happens first.

She suddenly disappeared from the entertainment industry five years later when she was 22 years old in a bout of angst and retaliation of being the constant “it” girl. But she kept on singing with her rock band “SORROW.”