Sales of nuclear protector coats for dogs soar in Japan

DOG coats that repel nuclear radiation are in high demand in Japan as the nation seeks to protect its pets in the aftermath of the countrys nuclear disaster.They come in a range of styles and colours, they repel water and radiation — and anxious Japanese are buying them as fast as they can be manufactured.The Japanese spent 1.38 trillion yen $17.9 billion on their pets last year, but the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has convinced many that dog clothing is a question not just of fashion, but of canine survival.

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Hachiko had cancer! So say Japanese Scientist

Seventy-five years after his death, scientists say they have determined what killed Hachiko, the legendary Akita whose story has been immortalized in his native Japan and the rest of the world.

Japan’s most famous dog — though rumors have persisted for decades that worms did him in, or that he swallowed a chicken skewer that ruptured his stomach — had heart and lung cancer, scientists now say.

Hachiko became legendary for the loyalty he showed by waiting for his owner every day at a train station — for 10 years after his master died.

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