Ryuhei Matsuda takes lead of “Douki”

Ryuhei Matsuda (27) has finally been given a lead role in a television drama, after having starred in more than a dozen films during his 12-year careeer. He will play a policeman in WOWOW’s drama special "Douki," adapted from a novel by popular writer Bin Konno (55).

Matsuda plays a cop searching for a former colleague (Hirofumi Arai), who joined the police force at the same time but was suddenly given a disciplinary dismissal and is now suspected of being a serial killer.

The screenplay is being written by Yuichi Fukuda ("Tokyo DOGS," "33-pun Tantei") and directed by Yu Irie ("SR: Saitama Rappers"). The supporting cast includes Naoto Takenaka and Chiaki Kuriyama.

"Douki" is scheduled for broadcast on February 20, 2011.