Japan Government Considering Return of Eco-point program

The government is considering reviving the Eco-point incentive program for environment-friendly home appliances this winter to encourage power-saving efforts, national policy minister Koichiro Genba said Friday.

The program was introduced in May 2009 as part of an economic stimulus package and ended last March.

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Japan Goes Green with “Eco-Point” System

Applications for the ”eco-point” system, which Japan has introduced to stimulate purchases of more energy-efficient electric appliances, totaled around 510,000 in the first month, according to a government tally compiled through Saturday.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said the eco-point program has helped to boost sales of flat-panel televisions and refrigerators.

After launching the program on May 15, the government began accepting consumer registrations for eco-points and applications to exchange the points for merchandise, gift coupons and electronic money on July 1.

Under the eco-point system, people who buy designated energy-saving appliances, including air conditioners, between May 15 and March 31 will be eligible for the points, with each eco-point worth roughly one yen.