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In Japan, Facebook Winning the Most Users

It’s the part of the job that stock analyst Hiroshi Naya dislikes the most: phoning investor relations managers on a Saturday or Sunday when he’s working on a report and facing a deadline. In Japan, placing a work call to someone’s cell phone on the weekend “feels like entering someone’s house with your shoes on,” says Naya, chief analyst at Ichiyoshi Research Institute in Tokyo. So last year, Naya started asking his questions via messages on Facebook. While a telephone call seems intrusive, he says, a Facebook message “feels more relaxed.”

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Facebook’s Asia Strategy? Japan, South Korea, India – China not so much.

Given the huge hurdles Facebook has in China where Internet censorship has left it with near zero penetration, the giant tech company is turning instead to markets like India, Japan and South Korea to spur its growth in Asia.

Details scattered throughout its IPO prospectus filed Wednesday show the social networking site intends to grow its user base in India, Japan and South Korea by “continuing marketing and user acquisition efforts and enhancing products including mobile apps in order to make Facebook more accessible.

”Facebook’s penetration rate in India is about 20% to 30%, better than the less 15% rate in markets like Japan, Russia and South Korea, but still far less than its U.S. and the U.K. rate of about 60%.

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