2NE1 Doing Song For Maybelline New York

2NE1 and Maybelline New York are doing an upcoming Japanese commercial.

Group member Park Bom announced at a PR event that a new 2NE1 song would be used for the companies’s commercials.

“The song expresses the feelings of a woman and perfectly fits Maybelline’s image. I can’t sing it for you yet, but please look forward to it,” she told reporters.

Yaeba – Moe – In Japan, a Trend to Make Straight Teeth Crooked

AMERICANS are expected to spend nearly $110 billion on dental care in 2012, according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, with much of it to straighten, whiten and repair less-than-perfect teeth.

Meanwhile, in Japan, a new fashion has women paying to have their straight teeth purposefully disarranged.A result of tooth-crowding commonly derided in the United States as “snaggleteeth” or “fangs,” the look is called “yaeba” in Japanese or “double tooth.”

Japanese men are said to find this attractive: blogs are devoted to yaeba, celebrities display it proudly, and now some women are paying dentists to create it artificially by affixing plastic fronts to their real teeth.

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Nile Perch Creating the Fairy Kei & Pastel-Lovers Paradise in Harajuku

Nile Perch hasn’t always been a leading name in Japanese Fairy-kei fashion. More than 25 years ago it was a simple polo-shirt brand with a fish logo (the Nile Perch) inspired by Lacoste’s famous crocodile insignia. It’s the longevity and growth of Nile Perch which makes it different from other Fairy-kei labels such as 6%DokiDoki and the Tavuchi-led Spank!!!, Monascas Banana, and Ticket to Darling.

If we go even deeper into Fairy-kei, which has been a movement or scene in Tokyo for years now, we can see that there is no such thing as a unified Fairy-kei but multiple mini-scenes which make up Fairy-kei culture. 6%DokiDoki opts for vibrancy in colors and theme, Spank goes for second-hand pop and rock inspired 80s kitsch, and Nile Perch is a proponent of softer, kinder colors such as pinks and pastels. They might look similar to outsiders, but within the Fairy-kei community these brands are as different as Gucci and Takuya Angel.

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Model Hinami Kyoko to make movie debut in “Nanatsu Made wa Kami no Uchi”

Teen fashion model Hinami Kyoko (17) is starring in the latest film from horror director Miyake Ryuta (“Ju-on: Shiroi Roujo”). Hinami has made appearances in a couple television dramas before, but this is her big screen debut.

Titled “Nanatsu Made wa Kami no Uchi,” the movie is described as a suspenseful thriller, involving the mysterious disappearances of three girls and a mother. It all ties into a traumatic incident that took place in a forest 10 years earlier, and a young high schooler (Hinami) who has closed off her heart and is constantly going to a church.

Kirishima Reika, Asuka Rin, Fujimoto Nanami, and Komakine Ryusuke have also been cast. Endo Koji is handling the soundtrack. The movie opens in theaters on August 20.

Hinami entered show business after winning nicola’s 10th Model Audition in 2006. She has appeared in several magazines but is currently exclusively signed to non-no. Since April of this year, she has been a regular on Fuji TV’s morning show “Mezamashi TV.”

Fashion model exodus from Tokyo! Runaways seek another Runway

Over the past few weeks, foreign models working in Japan have been gracing a different runway– the one that leads directly out of the country.

According to a recent article in the Asahi Shinbun(朝日新聞), models for major names like Louis Vuitton and Gucci are leaving in great numbers due to panic over the nuclear situation in Fukushima. The parents of one 19-year old Belgian model, while crying on the phone to their son, begged him to come home; “We don’t want you to get cancer!!”

a model and his over-priced garment react to bad news about the power plants

A spokesman from a modeling agency also noted that this panic is exacerbated by the models’ respective governments, some of which have ordered its citizens to leave Japan or move far to the south. That Air France sent 2 planes to begin evacuating its citizens has become a well-known story among the modeling agencies.

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Mizushima Hiro to be editor for new magazine, GLOBAL WORK

Actor Mizushima Hiro (26) has been appointed as editor-in-chief of a new fashion and lifestyle magazine aimed at men and women in their 20s and 30s, called GLOBAL WORK. The magazine is being planned on a semi-annual schedule, with an issue being released in March and September of each year.

GLOBAL WORK is being published by the casual clothing brand of the same name. Saito Kazuhiro – who has experience working with Vogue Nippon, GQ Japan, Brutus, and other magazines – is serving as an editing advisor. Fujimoto Yasushi, who has worked on many of the same magazines, has been appointed as art director.

At least for now, the magazine will be printed as a 258-page, B5-size issue, with a cover price of 300 yen. The expected print run is 30,000 copies. The magazine will be available in GLOBAL WORK stores throughout the country, as well as some bookstores.

GLOBAL WORK has also stated that a portion of the sales at its stores (not only the magazine) between March 19 and May 8 will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

With this project, Mizushima is continuing to expand his repertoire. Last year, he made his debut as a novelist, and he recently wrote and directed the music video for GIRL NEXT DOOR’s song “Silent Scream.”

JOY in the hospital with tuberculosis

Fashion model and talento JOY 25 has been diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis, his agency revealed on Wednesday. He is currently staying at a hospital in Tokyo for further examination.

JOY had recently been feeling ill, so he went to the hospital on March 2nd. He was admitted to the hospital after being initially diagnosed with pneumonia, but a closer inspection determined that his condition is actually tuberculosis.

JOY’s agency said that he will need to be hospitalized for at least one month in order to undergo treatment.

Shirota Yu going nude for an-an spread

Actor Shirota Yu (25) has just done his first fully nude photo shoot, appearing in the next issue of an-an, on sale March 9. The spread is part of a special feature called “Otoko no Karada” (“Men’s Bodies”). This is the second time that the magazine has done the feature, after the first one published last year included Arashi’s Sakurai Sho (29) in a similar nude shoot.

In an interview, Shirota said that up until now, he has had a complex and felt uncomfortable about doing nude photos. However, he underwent rigorous training and a strict diet in preparation for the shoot, until he felt satisfied with his body.

Shirota appears on the magazine’s cover and in 6 of the pages for the feature. Besides Shirota, several other popular young men are included in gravure shots: Daito Shunsuke, Seto Koji, Nakamura Aoi, and Hiraoka Yuta.

Model Tanami Ryoko to be mom

Fashion model Tanami Ryoko (37) updated her blog on Thursday to announce that she is now a mother. She gave birth to her first son on March 2, after spending a tiring two days in labor.

Tanami is best known as a former JJ model, though she was also affiliated with CLASSY and worked with other magazines. She got married in 2007 to Nojiri Yoshitaka (38), the head of wedding services company Take and Give Needs.

Burglar caught sporting his Hello Kitty sandals

A 36-year-old truck driver suspected of involvement in hundreds of burglaries in Gunma and Saitama prefectures between 2004 and 2010 was likely wearing Hello Kitty sandals during the crimes, just like when he was arrested, Saitama police have said.

Masakazu Kanda, currently on trial for theft and other charges at the Saitama District Court, was wearing pink sandals bearing the famous feline character when he was walking on a street in Saitama Prefecture in June 2010, catching the eye of police officers after footprints collected from residences where burglaries had taken place showed the perpetrator was wearing Hello Kitty sandals.

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