Active Fault to Condemn Tsuruga Nuke Plant

The quake fault running under reactor 2 at the Tsuruga nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture is probably active, a panel from the Nuclear Regulation Authority stated in a draft report Monday, effectively condemning the two-reactor complex.

The report, compiled from the panel’s search for potentially active faults at the Tsuruga plant, is a heavy blow to Japan Atomic Power Co., which may have to scrap the reactor at great cost.

“If new knowledge is obtained, the judgment could be reviewed. However, at least at this point, the fault at the plant site is highly likely an active fault that needs to be considered in terms of seismic design,” the report said.

The draft report said the fault or zone of small rocks and sediment called D-1 could move simultaneously with a major active fault called the Urazoko, which is about 200 to 300 meters from the reactor buildings.

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Instruments capture Japan quake movement

Japan’s 11 March mega-quake shifted the ocean floor sideways by more than 20m (65ft), according one instrument placed on the seabed off the nation’s coast.

This direct measurement exceeds the displacement suggested by some models built only from data gathered on land.

The figure was recorded by the Japan Coast Guard which maintains underwater geodetic equipment along the fault responsible for the giant tremor.

An upwards movement of 3m (10ft) was registered by the same instrument.

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