Doraemon gets his own museum!

He’s a small, blue robot cat from the future who’s been the inspiration for an animated TV series, served as Japan’s cartoon cultural ambassador and is beloved around the world.

Now, the iconic Doraemon has his own museum on the outskirts of Tokyo — though he shares the space with his creator, Fujiko F. Fujio.

The museum collection features 50,000 items, many of which are original drawings, as well as a desk and other things used by Fujio until his death in 1996. The museum building also includes a small theater and coffeeshop.

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Countdown to Fujiko F. Fujio’s Doraemon Museum begins

A countdown signboard was set up at a railway station in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, in early September to begin counting down the days until the opening a year from now of a museum dedicated to the creator of the "Doraemon" and "Perman" cartoon series, which have proved popular with children in Japan and abroad.

The signboard was installed on a monument featuring the "Wherever Door" — a Doraemon tool that can take you anywhere you want — at JR Noborito Station near the museum site.

The Fujiko F. Fujio Museum is scheduled to open in September 2011 and feature around 50,000 of his original drawings, along with a desk and other items he used up until his death in 1996.

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