TEPCO Suspects radioactive water leak at another storage tank at Fukushima plant

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Tuesday that it suspects radioactive water is leaking from another underground storage tank at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, as it continues to grapple with massive accumulation of radioactive water at the site.

The suspicion of a leak at the No. 1 tank arose after TEPCO started transferring contaminated water inside the No. 2 underground tank where leakage was confirmed over the weekend.

TEPCO spokesman Masayuki Ono told a press conference the utility is considering removing the liquid inside the two tanks to other water tanks placed on the ground.



Fukushima: Radioactive Water still a problem for Tepco

Tokyo Electric Power Co. has fought an eight-month battle to decontaminate the massive amounts of radioactive water in the reactor basements of the Fukushima No. 1 plant, and the struggle is far from over.

Though it continues to process contaminated water currently flooding the basements of the reactor and turbine buildings for recycling to cool the reactors, the utility has yet to come up with a way to drain all the water from the buildings. With the trouble unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, the threat of further soil, groundwater and sea contamination near the power plant continues.

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Crews at Fukushima nuclear plant start decontaminating radioactive water

Emergency crews at Japans Fukushima nuclear plant Friday prepared to start decontaminating more than 100,000 tonnes of highly radioactive water from three months of reactor cooling operations.Embattled operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. TEPCO said the system, which employs US and French technology, would go fully operational by the evening after a water leak during a test run the previous night had been fixed.The operation kicks off months after a 9.0 magnitude quake triggered a tsunami that smashed into the plant. The wave knocked out reactor cooling systems, which sparked meltdowns, explosions and radiation leaks.

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