“Gaiji Keisatsu” to be movie in 2012

NHK’s 2009 action/suspense drama series “Gaiji Keisatsu” is returning with a theatrical film, to be released next year. Watabe Atsuro (43) reprises the starring role. The supporting cast also includes Korean actor Kim Kang-woo in his first Japanese movie.

The “Gaiji Keisatsu” drama series revolved around a secret police division tasked with combating international terrorism and espionage. The movie is partly based on Aso Iku’s novel of the same name, produced by the same main staff that worked on NHK’s hit series “Hagetaka.” About a year and a half was spent on research and putting together an original script.

Filming started in Chiba on August 21, but three weeks were also spent shooting overseas in Seoul and Busan from September 20. It is said that Watabe spent about a month taking lessons on Hangul and Korean before filming overseas.

Other cast members include Maki Yoko, Ono Machiko, Tanaka Min, Im Hyeon-jun, Endo Kenichi, Yo Kimiko, Ishibashi Ryo, Kitami Toshiyuki, Takito Kenichi, and Shibukawa Kiyohiko.

“Gaiji Keisatsu” is scheduled for release on June 2, 2012.