Shingo Katori to star in FUJI TV’s “Getsu 9”

SMAP’s Shingo Katori (34) will star in Fuji TV’s next Monday night drama series, it has been learned. The currently untitled series will have Katori playing a marriage agency advisor who prides himself on bringing together countless couples, with his motto of "the man who sells happiness." Meisa Kuroki (22) and Naohito Fujiki (38) have also been cast.

The screenplay is said to be an original love story. Kuroki plays one of Katori’s clients, though she is "too beautiful" – the agency’s advisors are not used to finding a match for someone like her. Although Katori begins to fall for her, he puts his effort into trying to set her up with the rich and handsome lawyer played by Fujiki.

This is Katori’s fourth time starring in one of Fuji TV’s "Getsu 9" dramas (Mondays 9:00pm). For Kuroki, this will be her first appearance in that time slot.

The series is scheduled to premiere in April.

Smoking Hot Erika Toda and Haruma Miura to co-star in “Getsu 9” drama

Erika Toda (22) and Haruma Miura (20) will co-star in Fuji TV’s next "Getsu 9" drama series. The show, called "Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta," will be the first time either of them has starred in that time slot, and the first time that either has played the part of a teacher.

Toda plays a cheerful high school English teacher, while Miura plays a sincere and earnest biology teacher at the same school. The two characters were classmates during their high school and university days, and now they are engaged to be married in half a year. However, their happiness is put to the test when various circumstances lead to Miura unwittingly engaging in an improper relationship with one of his new female students. While he suffers from the anguish of his betrayal, he is resolved to save the young girl from her problems.

The series will premiere this January.