Japan quake may have caused plate shift

Global positioning system data indicated a seismic shift occurred from the March 11 earthquake that devastated northeastern Japan, research indicates.

The 9-magnitude earthquake that shook Japan eased strain from the Japanese trench that had accumulated over hundreds of years, said the report published Wednesday on Nature’s Web site.

The findings support the importance of GPS observations when assessing future earthquake potential, the authors said.

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Hello Kitty GPS announced

The Hello Kitty GPS has been announced by Seiwa! A Japan only device, it will begin selling on July 31st. Shaped like Kitty’s head, it comes with an onboard digital TV tuner so you can even watch TV while on the go.

It has a 7 inch touchscreen which supports a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

It has two input jacks so you can connect a DVD player, video game consoles or even reverse camera.

You can playback video and audio files via a SD card.

And to top it off, the GPS comes complete with a bow shaped remote control.