Parasite Museum as Hot Dating Spot?

Are you tired of exploring parks, temples, or nice restaurants in Tokyo with your partner? Then, I recommend trying something a little different like the Meguro Parasitological Museum.

This museum is literally showing specimens of parasites. You will hardly and hopefully never get the chance of ever seeing these specimens in your normal everyday life…Well unless you are in Meguro, Tokyo or you are scientist or researcher.

Usually, when you imagine parasites they are something gross or scary, and well that might just make you avoid wanting to look at one directly. Or so most sane people would think before building a museum to show them. But they built it and it’s actually not that scary…I guess. This museum tells you that parasites are more interesting than scary and more part of life on our planet than you might think.

I saw on TV once a famous opera singer, Maria Callas, who put parasites purposefully inside her as part of her diet plan. It seems to be a slightly dangerous way of dieting, but actually it’s not sooooo…dangerous as you have to only avoid a few kinds of parasites completely, the ones that can kill you more immediately as opposed to the ones that slowly drain your body of its nutrients while they suck the life force out of you. Either way, I don’t see it catching on anytime soon or getting as popular as the “Banana Diet” craze.

The museum shop has some really original merchandise. It’s mostly cute, nifty, and strangely gross T-shirts, key holders, and things. I think they are cool to have and that’s why I tell you people about them.

Oh…and have fun on your date.

For more information:
Meguro Parasitological Museum Website