Japan Holds Record for Largest Ukulele Ensemble

A new world record for the largest ukulele ensemble has been set in Japan.

More than 2,000 strummers gathered in Yokohama, Japans second-largest city, to trump the previous record set in Sweden.

The group were watched by Guinness World Records officials, the AFP news agency said, and played a song written by a Hawaii-born ex sumo wrestler.

They set the record during Japans Ukulele Picnic Week.

The diminutive guitar-shaped instrument originated from Hawaii, where it is also synonymous with hula dancing.

The previous record was set in August last year by 1,547 uke-wielding Swedes in Helsingborg.

Yuto Miyazawa from Japan is the Heavy-Metal Kid

Yuto Miyazawa, a 10-year-old Japanese guitar prodigy, was going strong late into his second set at the Hong Kong Fringe Club, launching into guitar riffs like a virtuoso and bantering with the crowd in shaky English.

When a fan shouted a request for “Crazy Train,” Yuto stopped for a moment, looking much like the skinny Japanese schoolboy he is. The fan, thinking Yuto didn’t understand, held up a camera phone with a video of the old Ozzy Osbourne favorite.

It wasn’t necessary. Yuto, whom the Guinness Book of World Records lists as the youngest professional guitarist, has an encyclopedic knowledge of heavy metal and can rattle off the names of its legendary performers, even those who died years before he was born.

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Ishikawa’s 2nd Guinness World Record – Lowest 18-hole score of a sanctioned tour

Ishikawa will enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the second time, following his 2007 Munsingwear Open victory at age 15.

“I’ve heard of numerous youngest records for what I’ve done, but to me age has nothing to do with golf,” Ishikawa said.

On the JGTO Tour, Ishikawa became the youngest player to top 100 million yen in single-year earnings in 2008 and the youngest money title winner last year.