Japans Defense Industry Hit By First Cyberattack

Japans biggest defense contractor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, said on Monday hackers had gained access to its computers, with one newspaper saying its submarine, missile and nuclear power plant component factories had been the target.

The company said in a statement that some information could have been stolen in the first known cyber attack on Japans defense industry.

"Weve found out that some system information such as IP addresses have been leaked and thats creepy enough," said a Mitsubishi Heavy spokesman.

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Cyberattacks on Japan police originated in China

The National Police Agency said today that more than 90 per cent of cyberattacks on its website carried out overnight on July 10 originated from Internet Protocol addresses in China. The findings came after the NPA determined that similar attacks on its website last September were mostly attributable to Chinese IP addresses. Access to the NPA website was temporarily interrupted on the night of July 10 through the early hours of the following day as the apparent number of users accessing the website surged to about 20 times the normal level, the NPA said, adding that no data was breached.

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China broadcasts footage of cyber attack on state television

Japan: Legislation criminalizing computer viruses passed

The Diet on Friday enacted legislation to criminalize the creation of computer viruses as part of Japan’s efforts to establish domestic laws urged by the Convention on Cybercrime, an international treaty aiming to improve the investigation of cybercrime. With the bill to revise the Penal Code passing the House of Councillors by an overwhelming majority, the government will begin the process of officially joining the treaty. Under the revised Penal Code, a person who creates a computer virus without a reasonable cause could be sentenced to up to three years in prison or fined as much as 500,000 yen.