Japan starts shutting down part of Hamaoka nuclear reactor

The operator of Japans ageing Hamaoka nuclear plant, located near a tectonic faultline southwest of Tokyo, on Friday began shutting down one of its two running reactors, a plant official said.Chubu Electric Power started installing control rods into the number four reactor of the power plant early Friday, the first procedure in the operation, said Kazuhide Enoo, an official at the plant."We plan to stop electricity generation in the morning, and then the reactor is scheduled to be non-critical around noon today," Enoo said."So far procedures went smoothly as no problems were found," he said, adding that the reactor was expected to be in "cold shutdown" status "within a day at the earliest."

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Japan puts off Hamaoka Nuke-plant closure

The operator of Japans Hamaoka power plant has postponed its decision to halt the activities of the facility upon the demand of Premier Naoto Kan.On Friday, Kan called for the shutdown of Hamaoka nuclear power plant which is located on the countrys largest island due to concerns over a possible earthquake. Kan said he was convinced “after considering possible devastating impact on the whole Japanese society if a serious accident should take place at the Hamaoka plant.”

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