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Japan Hangs Cult Leader Responsible for 6 Murders

Japan executed two people Thursday, including a 65-year old female cult leader convicted of six murders that took place during supposed exorcisms.The Justice Ministry said 65-year-old Sachiko Eto and 39-year-old Yukinori Matsuda were executed by hanging. Matsuda was convicted of killing two people during a robbery in 2003.Eto turned to faith healing after she and her husband joined a cult, according to Japanese media reports. She and two accomplices, including her daughter, were convicted of beating their victims to drive out ‘‘demons’’ and then hiding their bodies at her home.

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Japan announces death penalty review after hanging two men

Japan’s government says it has plans to review its use of the death penalty after it angered abolitionists by executing two men this week, in the first hangings since the country’s center-left government took office in September.

Justice Minister Keiko Chiba took the unprecedented step of attending the executions of Kazuo Shinozawa and Hidenori Ogata at the Tokyo Detention Center on Wednesday.

Shinozawa burned six women to death after setting a jewelry store alight in 2000; Ogata strangled a woman and fatally stabbed a man in 2003.

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