Tokyo Sonata

I’m always interested in watching a good movie, especially when my partner tells me she wants to see one. So it happened the other night that I sat down in front of the T.V., which I only own for the sole purpose of watching movies, to delight in the most moving Japanese film I’ve seen since “Departures”. This movie however wasn’t the constant tear-jerker that “Departures” was. It was rather more contemporary-more true to these economic times and rather hard-hitting in places that made it both funny and sad at the same time. The film took it’s turns with each member of a family that so happened to live by a busy train rail. And like most of us, their lives all get derailed. However, for some reason this happens all on one night in the film and it makes for an interesting story. I won’t say much more about it, but do see it. The song playing at the end is worth watching the whole movie for.