Toy Kitchen

Toy Kitchen is a great local bar(izakaya) with a great crowd of regulars. Mostly a younger crowd with a few older, wiser, and maybe hipper neighbor characters thrown into the mix. It’s a tiny bar, but has a way of accommodating more in its jovial space. The owner and master of Toy Kitchen is Shingo-san. He’s laid back and cooks some mean eats. The bar is open when he’s not playing with his band. Usually opening around 6 or 8pm and closing whenever. The place is hard to miss. There’s a large glowing lamp, which the owner puts in the middle of the street, when open for business. It could blind a bat, so run into the bar as fast as you can before you actually do go blind. Once inside you will begin to feel much better.

Shingo-san keeps his bar full and plays a mostly rock soundtrack from his speaker enabled walkman, which he tediously DJ’s from his massive selection of CD’s spanning the length of the bar three shelves thick behind him. He’s apt to play a request and even up to hearing something new, if you bring it in with you. The bar is full of friendly people. But knowing a little Japanese helps. It’s easy to find someone to talk to and most of the folks there are regulars. Go and don’t forget to ask what’s on the menu.

Nagasaki, Toshima-ku
Tokyo 171-0051

More info can be found in the map below. Click on the martini glass.