Japans Hitachi in Deal with Britain for High-speed Rail Project

Japans Hitachi will supply nearly 600 train carriages for Britains inter-city high-speed rail project in a deal worth £4.5 billion, the company and the British government said Wednesday.The giant conglomerate won the project along with British partner John Laing in 2009 but negotiations had been delayed after a change of government in Britain.The firms will supply 92 complete trains — comprised of 596 carriages — to replace the ageing fleet on Britains inter-city rail networks, with Hitachi holding a 70-percent stake in the consortium while John Laing has 30 percent.

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G1 Tower to drive Hitachi’s Elevators to #1 in the world

One sunny Saturday last month, Hitachi Ltd., Japan’s largest electronics maker, made headlines when it hosted a rare tour of its spanking new elevator-testing tower — the world’s tallest — at its sprawling facility in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The 213.5-meter “G1 Tower,” which took two years and ¥6 billion to build, houses nine elevator shafts designed for various tests. And, as Hitachi staffers explained that day, it symbolizes the firm’s ambition to achieve “global No. 1” status in its elevator products and technologies.

How exactly does Hitachi intend to take that top spot?

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Dell files suit against Sharp, Hitachi, and Toshiba for LCD price fixing

Dell, the world’s No. 3 computer maker, has filed a lawsuit against Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba, Seiko Epson of Japan, and HannStar of Taiwan for the price fixing of LCD displays.

Last week, Dell filed the suit at a U.S. district court in San Francisco.

Dell has not decided the level of damages it will seek in the lawsuit, according to a spokesman.

This isn’t Sharp or Hitachi’s first go-around with LCD cartel charges. In November of 2008, LG, Sharp and Chunghwa pleaded guilty for an LCD display price-fixing conspiracy.

In March 2009, Hitachi agreed to plead guilty for similar charges.