Japan’s new First Lady hard to find

Japan’s new First Lady Hitomi Noda may be a boon to her husband’s premiership the same way that his high public approval ratings were to his party’s badly dented image.

Mrs Noda, 48, epitomises the ideal Japanese woman, one who always walks a step or two behind her husband, manages the household finances without a grumble and brings up their children virtually single-handedly so that he can focus on his career.

She is reluctant to be in the limelight, so much so that she has yet to be seen in public since her husband Yoshihiko Noda, 54, was elected Prime Minister last Tuesday. The media had to resort to using old photographs showing her standing next to her husband at election time.

When Mr Noda was asked by reporters whether his wife would attend international conferences as First Lady, he replied: " don’t know… (I called her but) the answering machine was on."

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