Quentin – You din’t? The Newset Addition to the SoftBank Saga!

Quentin Tarantino stars in the new softbank commercial promoting its all new and shiny never heard of it before speaker phone tech. And softabank(sorry had to add the a the second time) commercials, if not weird before well boy are they not just getting weirder and weirder?

Quentin gets a “come home” call from the wifey, which is broadcast over Otousan-speaker. Cause that is what its for, right?

The family calls him Tara-chan???

Tara-chan(remember Quentin?) does crazy-assed kill-bill-esque minus the blood splurtting kung-fu moves in total denial, which falls on the deaf ears of Otousan(wife in Japanese btw), who is not impressed.

And now you know I totally want that Otousan speaker attachment thing. In fact if I can get it too sound like that talking dog, I’ll make sure I put everyone on speaker.