Hirose Alice starlet in new horror movie “Lost Harmony”

Actress Hirose Alice (16) has been given her first starring movie role in a horror film titled “Lost Harmony.” The movie is directed by Toki Yoshimasa and is scheduled for release in theaters this December.

“Lost Harmony” focuses on the 7 members of a girls’ high school chorus group, along with their teacher. In order to prepare for an upcoming competition, they lodge together at a lakeside bungalow, where they soon find themselves surrounded by strange and eerie phenomena.

Hirose, who plays the leader of the chorus, said that for some of the scary scenes, she actually cried during filming. She also described the movie as being “very deep,” as it also includes scenes of friendship and jealousy among the students.

Hirose’s supporting cast includes Yoshitani Ayako (19) and Takahata Mitsuki (19).

“Gomennasai” horror movie to star Buono!

Hello! Project trio Buono! will star together in a movie for the first time. The movie is titled “Gomennasai” and is an adaptation of a popular mobile phone novel. Asato Mari (“Ju-on: Kuroi Shoujo”) is directing.

“Gomennasai” is a horror story set in a high school in the Kanagawa prefecture. The three main characters are Hidaka Yuka (Suzuki Airi), Kurobane Hinako (Natsuyaki Miyabi), and Sonoda Shiori (Tsugunaga Momoko). The story starts when Shiori is unable to beat the talented Hinako in a test, and she begins getting harassed about it. Hinako is later forced to write the script for a play that will be performed at the school festival, but from that point on, people around them begin to mysteriously die one by one.

The three members of Buono! will also apparently appear in secondary roles as themselves, addressing the audience about real-life horror stories.

The movie is scheduled to be released this fall. Buono! will also sing the theme song, which has not been given a title yet.