Hovercraft hovers on the verge of extinction—one more week to ride!

There are some facts and occurrences in the periphery of our daily lives that we just seem to take for granted, and only when we know they are gone do we realize how special they are.  I am finding this to be true of the hovercraft that brings passengers to and from Oita Airport from Oita City, which will be terminating service at the end of next week.  On October 31 the only hovercraft in Japan will take it’s last scheduled ride.

I’ll be spending some time down at the pier before then; it’s like watching a black and white movie that has already begun to fade, where the beauty of something that marks a point of time that’s passing can be felt in the sea air.

Joanne G. Yoshida

Aikawarazu Life in Japan

Video of the hovercraft pulling into Oita: