Cooking with Dog!

Well don’t judge it from the title. Luckily this isn’t a cookbook, it’s a cooking show. There’s a lovely woman who does most of the cooking with the Dog, the not so silent star of the show. He’s a poodle and he narrates the show in perfectly dubbed English!

Has your kitchen been empty since moving to Japan? Have you exhausted the flavors of instant ramen available at your local konbinni? Have you ever been to the grocery store here in Japan and just left with the frozen staples of things like pizza and chicken nuggets? Have you bought it and had no idea what it was while hoping that it wouldn’t make you gag when you heated it up? Tired of eating cold sushi? Or worse have your favorite frozen foods been on the tainted list and you’ve not even known! And all this for the sake to try something different? Ever wish dogs could talk and give you directions? Well, those days can now be over.

Find out how to make those delicious Japanese savories you’ve discovered while eating out. Learn the ingredients and what to buy the next time you are at the store, so you can go home and start mixing it up yourself. Brighten up your kitchen, roll up your sleeves, and get cooking with the Dog!