People and their Dogs – “Inu to Anata no Monogatari” sequel to “Inu no Eiga”

The 2005 omnibus film “Inu no Eiga” is getting a sequel. Titled “Inu to Anata no Monogatari: Inu no Eiga,” the movie comprises six stories about people’s relationships with their dogs.

Nao Omori (38) and Nanako Matsushima (36) will play a married couple in one of the stories. Akira Nakao (67), Masaaki Uchino (41), Atsuko Takahata (55), Kie Kitano (19) will also appear in the film.

Several directors are involved in the project, including Shunichi Nagasaki, whose works include the 2008 movie “Nishi no Majo ga Shinda” (“The Witch of The West is Dead”).

“Inu to Anata no Monogatari” is expected to open in theaters in 2011.