iPad 2 released in Japan!

Apples iPad 2 went on sale in Japan today, with customers intent on snapping up the latest version of the popular tablet.More than 400 people lined-up at Apples Tokyo to get their hands on the new gadget.Some buyers said the thinner, lighter and faster iPad was something definitely worth queueing up for.

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iPad 2 Teardown – What’s in that Slimmer, Sharper Body?

The release date of the "iPad 2," which Apple Inc launched in the US March 11, 2011, has not been determined yet for the Japanese market due to the earthquakes.

However, Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad obtained a white model, which is not available for the first-generation iPad, in the US and disassembled it.

The first impression we had was "It’s slim" rather than "It’s light." While the back of the first iPad is curvy, that of the iPad 2 is flat. And the rims of the iPad 2 are wedged. Even though the actual thicknesses of the iPad and the iPad 2 are 13.4 and 8.8mm, respectively, we felt that the iPad 2 was half as thick as the iPad.

In terms of functions, the largest difference between the first-generation iPad and the iPad 2 is that the iPad 2 has two cameras on its front and back sides. And it is equipped with camera-related applications software as standard features. They include an application that adds various effects to images taken by the camera in real time and displays their thumbnails on the large screen at the same time.

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Apple’s new iPad2 lid design is bath sensation in Japan

Design inspiration is a capricious thing, and a fun game for design fans is trying to deduce what a form may have been inspired by. For example the very first wood joint designed by early man was a crude mortise-and-tenon, a shaft that fit into a bored-out hole; documentation of its inspiration is non-existent, but I’m willing to bet the inventor wasn’t a virgin.

One design we were excited to see is the new case that Apple designed for the iPad 2, unveiled yesterday. Japanese viewers of Apple’s media event must have all tilted their heads and leaned forward at once when the case was revealed, as it looks rather similar to a certain domestic item popular in Japan:

On the left is a furo no futa, a bathtub lid used in Japan to keep the water warm.

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