Softbank of Japan in $2.3 Billion Deal to Buy Rival eAccess

Softbank, the cellphone service provider that brought Apple’s iPhone to Japan, said on Monday that it would buy a smaller rival, eAccess, for about $2.3 billion in stock, in the face of intensifying competition.

Under the terms of the deal, Softbank will pay 52,000 yen a share, more than three times the eAccess closing price of 15,070 yen on Friday.

The large premium reflects Softbank’s desire to bolster its mobile broadband capacity as it looks to attract more smartphone users. After the deal, Softbank would have more than 39 million subscribers, making it the second-biggest network operator in Japan, behind NTT DoCoMo.

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NEC to cut 10,000 jobs as iPhone conquers market

Japan’s NEC will cut nearly one in ten of its workers as the iPhone continues to gobble up the market for smartphones.

The company said this week that recent poor performance stemmed from the popularity of the Apple iPhone in Japan, an increase in the number of foreign rivals it faces in the IT infrastructure market, and trouble expanding beyond its home country, Reuters reported.

NEC forecast a loss of $1.3 billion (100 billion yen) for the year ending March 31, and said about 7,000 of the 10,000 eliminated jobs will be in Japan, with the company taking a $520 billion restructuring charge.

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Samsung wants ban on sale of iPhone 4S in Japan and Australia

Samsung Electronics filed preliminary injunction motions in Japan and Australia on Monday to block the sale of Apples iPhone 4S there.The South Korean company is accusing Apple of patent infringements dealing with wireless telecommunications technology.In the Japan filing, Samsung also wants the court to bar the sale of iPhone 4 and iPad 2.Apple could not immediately be reached for comment.

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iPhone dominating the smartphone market in Japan

Despite assumptions that the iPhone would struggle to achieve a foothold in Japan, a country on the cutting edge of mobile technology, the iPhone has taken the land of the rising sun by storm. In 2009 the iPhone accounted for 72.2% of the smartphone market in Japan, and 4.9% of the entire cell phone market in the country.

One year later, Tokyo-based research firm MMRI is reporting that the iPhone remains as popular as ever in Japan, accounting for 60.1% of all smartphones sold from April through September 2010. In the broader cell phone market, the iPhone accounts for an impressive 7% of the Japanese phone market. The scary thing is that these figures merely underscore how much room there is for growth.

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Apple Big Winner in Japan’s Smartphone Market for 2009

Apple Inc. shipped 1.69 million iPhones in Japan in the fiscal year ended March 31, capturing the top share of the country’s smartphone market, MM Research Institute Ltd. said.

The iPhone, offered by Japan’s third-largest wireless carrier Softbank Corp., accounted for 72 percent of smartphones shipped in the country in the period, the Tokyo-based researcher said in a report yesterday. Taiwan’s HTC Corp. was second with 11 percent, followed by Toshiba Corp. with 6.8 percent, it said.

Demand for the iPhone helped more than double Japan’s shipments of handsets that can surf the Web and download music, video and applications to 2.34 million units last fiscal year, while shipments of regular mobile phones declined 4 percent to 34.4 million, according to the report. Smartphone shipments will probably exceed 3 million units in the 12 months started April 1, even as the overall market is forecast to contract for a third year, it said.

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Robot meets iPhone

This video is nifty in every sense of the word. It puts the power of the iPhone with a little bit of ingenuity in perspective like no other video I’ve seen. Plus the fun little animation is super kawaii, I mean creative. – Did I just type that. – Yikes!

Well here’s the story straight from the horse’s mouth…

The other day, I bought an iPhone. I was amazed at its high performance. So I tried to connect it to a robot I use in my job.

This is a “6-axis VS robot”. Very fast.

An ethernet port is standard, so I can easily connect it via Wi-Fi. Maybe I can use it for the iPhone. According to the robot manual, the robot can be controlled via TCP/IP. Transmitting and receiving packet through b-CAP seems to be enough.

Let’s just start with a compile of a sample program made by the manufacturer.

Compile has succeeded. And let’s check the connection on the iPhone. The connection succeeded.

I made a remote monitor by 3D display function of the iPhone. Send the b-CAP packet for the robot, then…

You can monitor the robot in real time. You can also control the 3D display with multi-touch. Within the range of Wi-Fi you can monitor the robot everywhere.