The Japan Bishojo Contest – Japan Beautiful Girl Contest: And the Winner is…

The “12th National Beautiful Girl Contest” was held in Tokyo on August 4th. Thirteen year old Ayano Kudo from Miyazaki was chosen as the Grand Prix winner of the contest which is a beauty contest and audition contest. This year Ayano Kudo beat out 94,810 applicants to become the Grand Prix.

She says that she wants to be a great model not only in Japan, but all over the world. She is from a small town in Japan, and is so surprised by the many trains and tall buildings of Tokyo. She’s looking forward to going to Harajuku, Shibuya, and Odaiba for sightseeing.

This contest is held by a big talent agency, Oscar Promotion every year. The Grand Prix winner usually has a bright future as a star in Japan. To see all the other 21 finalists from this year visit the following website and to see past winners see the chart on wikipedia.

Oscar Land Star Information Homepage

Past winners