In Japan, Facebook Winning the Most Users

It’s the part of the job that stock analyst Hiroshi Naya dislikes the most: phoning investor relations managers on a Saturday or Sunday when he’s working on a report and facing a deadline. In Japan, placing a work call to someone’s cell phone on the weekend “feels like entering someone’s house with your shoes on,” says Naya, chief analyst at Ichiyoshi Research Institute in Tokyo. So last year, Naya started asking his questions via messages on Facebook. While a telephone call seems intrusive, he says, a Facebook message “feels more relaxed.”

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Japan’s ‘Zuckerberg’ leading generation of entrepreneurs

One of Asia’s youngest self-made billionaires, 35-year-old Yoshikazu Tanaka looks the part of a young internet tycoon.

The Japanese founder and CEO of mobile social gaming business Gree arrived for his CNN interview wearing a hooded sweatshirt, ripped jeans and a pair bight red shoes. His personal wealth is valued at $2.2 billion so he can afford to wear whatever he wants to the office.

Gree has grown from Tanaka’s self-financed project into a company with a market value of around $7 billion. The share price is more than sevenfold what it was at its 2008 IPO.

The company is now partnered with Tencent, one of the largest social networks in China, and in April 2011 it acquired OpenFeint, a large U.S.-based gaming network.

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