Betting on Japan’s Legalization of Gambling

All around the world, same song.   And by “song,” I of course mean “economic motivators.”  It seems that every country in the world faces the same problems (yawning budget deficits) and is looking to the same solutions (raising revenues through unconventional means).

Tired of seeing their citizens leave their yen on the gaming tables of foreign casinos, the Japanese government is strongly considering making a bet of its own by legalizing gambling.   Any moral qualms aside, it makes sense.  Japan is the most highly-indebted developed country in the world, and its budget deficits routinely top 8% of GDP.  Closing the gap through tax hikes or spending cuts risks weakening an economy that is perpetually on the cusp of recession; better to raise revenues by less conventional means.

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Japan: Taxi Company Exec Arrested for Mahjong Gambling

The vice president of a taxi company in Tokyo has been arrested for allegedly running an illegal gambling ring with his employees, police said Saturday.The suspect, Kazuhiro Kimura, 56, is accused of renting an apartment near the company offices in Setagaya Ward and holding a mahjong game for eight employees on Nov 9, TV Asahi repoted.

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Ex-sumo wrestler admits to being bookie

A 34-year-old former sumo wrestler who once belonged to Onomatsu stable has told investigators that he served as a bookmaker for illegal gambling on professional baseball games, investigative sources said Monday.

The former wrestler, who was believed to have acted as an intermediary in setting up sumo wrestlers with bookies, also indicated he had ties with syndicated crime organizations, according to the sources, in a challenge to Monday’s announcement by a special oversight panel investigating the illegal gambling which said it could not confirm such ties between wrestlers and crime organs.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the matter with a focus on possible ties between wrestlers and organized crime groups.

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