Japan Strengthening Fight Against Criminal Gangs

Japans National Policy Agency said Thursday that it will strengthen its fight against new gangs accused of repeatedly committing criminal activities such as assault and remittance fraud.    

The NPA will study the networks and funding sources of such quasi-crime syndicates as some are believed to have strong connections with yakuza organized crime.   

The effort will initially target dozens of former members of a biker gang known as Kanto Rengo and hundreds of members of the Dragon, a group composed of children and grandchildren of Japanese orphans left behind in China after World War II.

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Japan fights yakuza efforts to make it a nine-fingered economy

The introduction of stricter anti-gang laws in recent years has forced the yakuza, Japan’s underworld organisations, to diversify and seek new sources of income.

That change in direction has meant more criminal involvement in the boardroom.

The Japanese authorities have stamped out sokaiya – mob-sponsored racketeers who threatened to disrupt shareholder meetings unless they were paid off.

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Everyday People Could be Collateral Damage in War Against Yakuza

The war against the yakuza was raised a notch higher at the start of the month, but not everyone is happy about it.

Oct. 1 saw the enactment of ordinances by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Okinawa Prefecture aimed at depriving organized crime groups, or bōryokudan, of their sources of income. The hope is that as its revenue runs dry, the mob will eventually be forced to cease operations.

Obviously, the organized crime groups, the targets of the tough new ordinances, aren’t happy about all this. But they’re not alone. Many law-abiding citizens — mainly the people who run small and midsize companies — are fretting they’ll become collateral damage in the latest battle between the police and the mob.

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Pictured: A Yakuza’s Code of Ethics. The code here forbids: 1) the usage or selling of drugs, 2) theft 3) robbery, 4) indecent acts (猥褻) and anything else that would be shameful under ninkyodo (仁侠道) aka the chivalrous/humanitarian way.