Erika Sawajiri to hold possible press conference this month

The latest rumor regarding actress Erika Sawajiri (24) comes from the Sports Nippon newspaper, which says that she may be returning to Japan this month, with possible plans for a press conference.

Sports Nippon previously reported that Sawajiri was out of contact with her mother for a few weeks after disappearing in September. Although the details of her situation have remained unverified, it has since then been reported by multiple newspapers that she is currently overseas.

According to Sports Nippon, Sawajiri’s mother stated that the actress will be coming back to Japan this month, and she hinted that Sawajiri may hold a press conference upon her return. No other details were given, but a friend interviewed by the newspaper indicated that it is likely Sawajiri will be back in time to celebrate Christmas with her mother.

If Sawajiri does hold a press conference, it is speculated that she will talk about the status of her marriage with multimedia creator Tsuyoshi Takashiro (46). An unconfirmed rumor has been circulating for several months that she plans to get a divorce as a condition for signing with Avex’s management division.