Meg Whitman’s run for California’s Governor and the tweet that will get her there.

Meg Whitman is running for governor of California. Last night, her spokesperson tweeted what was intended as a standard-issue endorsement announcement. But when you leave off a letter from a address, strange things happen. Like, really, horribly, hilariously strange.

What Sarah Pompei’s followers were treated to wasn’t the promised endorsement by the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of San Diego County. Instead, the truncated link takes you here:

via One Politician’s Incredibly Unfortunate Tweet.

“K-On!!” smashing charts in i-Tunes Store

The popular anime series "K-On!!" had its new opening and ending theme songs released as singles this week. Respectively titled "Utauyo!! MIRACLE" and "NO, Thank You!," the two songs were also released as chaku-uta downloads, and Recochoku’s daily ranking for August 4 (announced on August 5) shows that they have taken the #1 and #2 spots.

This is the first time ever that an anime character band has held the top 2 spots on Recochoku’s daily "chaku-uta full" ranking. In addition, "K-On!!"-related downloads took the top 4 spots on the "chakushin voice" (voice ringtone) ranking and the top 3 spots on the "kisekae" (visual theme) ranking.

Currently, the two theme songs are also #1 and #2 on the daily charts of the iTunes Store.

The actual CD releases are also doing well, each selling about 55,000 copies in its first two days. They are currently ranked #2 and #3 behind SMAP’s latest single.