New Kabukiza Theater in Tokyo Shown

The new Kabukiza theater in Tokyo was shown to the media on Sunday. Reporters saw the stage equipment, dressing rooms and the rehearsal space.

The stage is still the same size. The theater has an extra lift that is large enough to carry the Kabuki actors and props for scenery changes.

Newcomers to Kabuki can use a tablet computer to read the actors’ lines and background information about the plays.

A group of Kabuki actors will parade through Ginza’s main street on Wednesday. The new Kabukiza will officially open on April 2nd.

Japan’s Renewed Kabuki-za Theater in Ginza Lights Up

Lights began to shine on Tokyo’s celebrated home of traditional kabuki theater on Thursday, as the renovated venue prepares to raise the curtains on a new era.

The new Kabuki-za theater, part of a 29-story office building in the upscale Ginza shopping district, has now started an evening illumination program ahead of its April opening.

The theater occupies the bottom floors of the tower, retaining some elements of the original facade, which evokes medieval Japanese castles and temples with its curved roofs and red paper lanterns.

Standing 145 meters (470 feet) high, the new skyscraper is the tallest building in the area. Overlooking an eastern section of the Japanese capital, the summit of Mount Fuji can be seen on clear days.