Should Nomura Scandal Taint Japan?

Bad news out of Japan including the resignation of Nomura’s CEO following an insider trading scandal and a sharp drop in profits at Nissan, investors should not shy away from Japan, Ed Rogers, chief executive officer at Rogers Investment Advisors K.K. told CNBC.

Rogers remains bullish on the prospects for Japan’s economy, and expressed confidence in the Japanese auto sector.

“We’ve already been through our lost decade and we’re still in great shape,” Rogers told CNBC.

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“Street Arm” pumps up quake-hit Japan city

By day, Kenichi Watanabe runs an insurance agency. By night, he’s an arm wrestler — and on a recent Saturday, he’s preparing to do battle.

Under a moonlit sky, Watanabe and his opponent face off across an arm wrestling table in a bustling pedestrian street in Sendai, a northern Japanese city hit hard by the March quake. Watanabe is lean and cut, like a lightweight boxer, but his rival looks a couple of weight classes bigger.

They grip hands and adjust elbow positions. Biceps bulge, forearm veins pop. Lights from arcade and karaoke signs dance across their faces as they lock eyes and await the "Go" signal.

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