‘Tis the Season Commercial Christmas and a Bucket of Chicken in Japan

Although it is said that most Japanese are Shinto and Buddhist, few people are aware the Japanese also participate in "commercialized Christianity" in order to take advantage of those fun Christian holidays.

Christmas, with its sparkly, over-glitzed trees, a cherry-cheeked Santa Claus and the ritual of gift-giving is irresistible to the Japanese who have taken to celebrating Christmas on a superficial level. You can hardly blame them for wanting to participate in such an entertaining religion.

But the Japanese have adjusted Christmas to their own liking. Santa-san enters the house through the window and brings one gift to each child on Christmas Eve, which he leaves on the childs bed. Christmas also plays a romantic role, a type of Valentines Day for couples. But there is plenty of Christmas spirit too — decorations, Christmas carols piped into shopping malls, and of course Christmas sales.

And there is one stellar biped who has stuck his neck out to represent Christmas in Japan: the chicken. Chicken is the official Christmas dinner and most families order KFC to spread the Christmas joy.

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The Colonel is Back! Standing proud even with no feet!

Haven’t heard about the Curse of the Colonel?

Didn’t want to read that? Here’s the short of it…

Originally displayed outside a KFC in the Dotonbori district of Osaka, the statue, which fans thought resembled Tigers slugger Randy Bass, was tossed into the Dotonbori River in 1985 following the team’s victory in the Japan Series beginning the curse.

And now, twenty-five years after being tossed into a river by baseball fans celebrating a Hanshin Tigers victory, the famously cursed Colonel Sanders statue was put back on display Friday at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet near Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture.

This may just be the type of thing that leads to Posed with the Colonel? – Japanese KFC Colonel Sanders