President of KFC Japan Buys Colonel Sanders’ Suit and Tie

The president and chief executive of Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan purchased the trademark white suit worn by company founder “Colonel” Harland Sanders at auction Saturday for $21,510 — then promptly tried it on.

Masao “Charlie” Watanabe grinned while putting on the suit jacket and black string tie at the Heritage Auctions event, standing beneath a photograph of Sanders. He had already planned to attend a company marketing meeting in Dallas, but arrived early after he found out about the auction, he said.

Watanabe was one of hundreds of in-person, telephone and online bidders vying for various items, including a gun belt owned by legendary outlaw Jesse James and leg irons that restrained abolitionist John Brown.

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All you can eat KFC in Osaka

Have you ever thought about eating as much KFC fried chicken as you want?

There is such a place where your dream can come true.

KFC Onohara in Osaka is that place. It’s the only KFC that has a buffet called the Colonel Buffet. And they call it that for a reason cause it has it all!


After paying a buffet fee (weekdays: 1050 yen, weekends and holidays: 1380 yen), you get a bottomless glass and a endless plate. The buffet has not only the colonel’s secret recipe fried chicken, but french fries, chicken nuggets, fried noodles, dumplings, pasta, vegetables, coleslaw, fruits…your mouth watering, yet?

It does have a time limitation, though…60 minutes on weekdays, and 40 minutes on weekends and holidays.



The packs of tea and gum syrup that have the Colonel Sander’s face on them are my favorite of tiniest of touches.

If you share the dream of all you can eat KFC, try it and let us know about it.

3-3-29 Aoshinke Minoo-shi Osaka
TEL: 072-730-2700

Buffet Times:
11:00-15:00 (weekdays)
11:00-20:00 (weekends)


Posed with the Colonel? – Japanese KFC Colonel Sanders

We want to see you pose with the Colonel! Send your pics or videos to colonelpic(monkeytail) We’ll post them as they come in!!!

Have you seen the Japanese version of KFC’s Colonel Sanders? When I first saw him in Tokyo, I expected to see the Western version — chicken tasted great for sure, but didn’t expect a localization for the Japanese market ^^; (Photo: jpellgen)


Depending on the occasion, they also dress Mr. Sanders the way they want. Santa? No problem. Strange fat middle-aged men in yukata with a lace? No problem!


Photos via Flickr using this search.

This Article is courtesy our friends over at Instant Ramen.

Posed With The Colonel

Deas Posed With The Colonel
Deas Posed With The Colonel
Stephanie Posed With The Colonel and Had a Smoke
Stephanie Posed With The Colonel and Had a Smoke
August 2008 in Kyoto - Colonel's ready for his trip to Hawaii
August 2008 in Kyoto - Colonel's ready for his trip to Hawaii
Leah and One Happy Colonel
Leah and One Happy Colonel
Katrina - Hands Off My Colonel!
Katrina - Hands Off My Colonel!