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Koda Kumi releasing 2nd Cover Album

Koda Kumi is releasing her 2nd cover album on February 2nd. The singer revealed which songs she will be covering on her album.

According to the singer, the new album is meant to be more about entertainment than anything else. "I chose a wide selection of music and challenged myself to various arrangements," she stated.

The new album will come in CD Only, CD+DVD and Limited Edition CD+DVD versions. The Limited Edition DVD will contain a bonus documentary not found on the regular edition DVD as well as a special photo book.

Koda covered a variety of songs in her previous cover album, “ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~“. One new cover on the upcoming album is pop band Kome Kome CLUB’s hit song “Shake Hip!” in an electro style.

Koda Kumi’s “Koishikute” Single Announced

Koda Kumi will be releasing her 54th single “Koishikute” on December 5th.

The new single will be a winter ballad conveying the pain people go through when they’re hearts are broken.

The B-side track to the single will be a cover of Mayo Okamoto’s “Alone”, a song that Kumi sang when she audition for avex.

The new single will come in a CD Only and a CD+DVD version.

Kouda Kumi Gives Birth to Beautiful Baby Boy

Kouda Kumi announced the birth of her first child, a baby boy, on 18 July. Her agency stated, Kouda gave birth in the middle of July and this is the first child of her and her husband KENJI03 of rock band BACK-ON.

The singer is currently restricting her activities post-childbirth, but she’s scheduled to hold her live tour, ‘KODA KUMI Premium Night ~Love & Songs~‘, in November.

Below is the translated message from Koda Kumi on the birth of her child to her fans…

“The other day, a healthy baby boy was born between me and my beloved husband.

His body is very small, but he has a big presence. I’ve once again encountered an important love.

Looking at this child, feelings I’ve never felt before start welling up.

There are no words to express how happy I am.

From now on, I want to learn, grow, and walk together with my husband and child.

I hope to deliver songs with even more love during my live in November. I am looking forward to seeing everybody.“

Koda Kumi getting it on with Far East Movement

Koda Kumi (28) is collaborating with the Asian American electro/hip-hop group Far East Movement, it was learned on Thursday. They are each involved on one of the tracks from the other’s upcoming album, scheduled for simultaneous release on March 23.

Koda will provide vocals for Far East Movement’s “Make It Bump feat. Koda Kumi,” included on the Japanese release of their album “Free Wired.” The original version of the album was released in the United States in October 2010 and marked their major label debut.

Far East Movement, on the other hand, is featured on the song “POP DIVA DJ VIRMAN Remix – FAR EAST MOVEMENT” on Koda’s remix album “DRIVING HIT’S 3.”

Both songs will be available as chaku-uta ringtones on March 23, the same day the albums go on sale.

Far East Movement’s “Free Wired” is being released by Universal Music. In 2008, they released their first album “Folk Music” (2006) in Japan under the title “Round Round” through Avex.