NewS member Keiichiro Koyama to become a real news reporter for “news every.”

Broadcaster NTV previously announced that its weekday evening show “NNN News Realtime” is being replaced by a new program called “news every.” More details have been revealed, including the appointment of NEWS member Keiichiro Koyama (25) as a regular reporter. Before he was in NewS, he was a member of BAD and J-Support, which was later renamed K.K.Kity, along with fellow NewS members Hironori Kusano and Shigeaki Kato.

The show will have announcer Takahiko Fujii (38) as the main newscaster, with sportscaster Kimiko Jinnai (45) and newscaster Izumi Maruoka (38) also appearing regularly. Koyama will be on the show once a week, covering human interest stories.

“news every.” will start on March 29. The show will occupy the same time slot as “NNN News Realtime” (4:53pm-7:00pm Monday-Thursday, 5:00pm-7:00pm Friday). Koyama is currently scheduled to appear on Thursdays.