Kankuro Kudo announced to take charge of NHK’s Morning Drama

NHK has announced that popular screenwriter Kudo Kankuro (41) will be in charge of the network’s morning drama series during the spring and summer of 2013. This will be his first time ever writing an NHK drama.

Details for the drama are currently being prepared. NHK plans to hold a press conference in June at the earliest to announce the show’s title, story, and setting.

Kudo is well known for writing television dramas such as “Tiger & Dragon” and “Kisarazu Cat’s Eye,” as well as writing and directing films such as “Shonen Merikensack” and “Maiko Haaaan!!!”

Kudo Kankuro wins 29th Mukoda Kuniko Prize for “Unubore Deka”

Writer and actor Kudo Kankuro (40) has been chosen as the recipient of the 29th Mukoda Kuniko Prize, an annual award for screenwriters. He earned the award with his screenplay for the TBS drama series “Unubore Deka” that aired last summer, starring TOKIO’s Nagase Tomoya (32).

During the press conference for the award held on Tuesday, Kudo talked about his experience with the Tohoku earthquake, since he is originally from the Miyagi prefecture. He revealed that he was unable to contact his family back home for about a week after the earthquake, but he finally was able to contact his mother and learned with relief that everyone was safe.

Kudo said that he hopes to contribute to the recovery of the affected areas somehow, particularly through his works as a creator. He also indicated that he plans to return to his hometown in Miyagi, as well as visit other areas like Minami Sanriku to see the situation firsthand.

The Mukoda Kuniko Prize was first awarded in 1982 and is named after screenwriter Mukoda Kuniko, who passed away in 1981 in the Far Eastern Air Transport Flight 103 accident.