Lindsay Hawker’s Killer Caught

In one of the biggest man hunts in Japanese history, a Japanese man suspected of killing a British girl has been caught. Lindsay Hawker’s Killer has been caught . Back in early 2007 a British girl by the name of Lindsey Hawker was found dead. Her naked body was found buried in a sand/soil-filled bathtub on the apartment balcony of Tatsuya Ichihashi. She had been bound and gagged with plastic ties and scarves, with one of her hands lying outside the mixture.

There were reports that a person looking similar to the murder suspect had undergone plastic surgery earlier this month, which intensified the hunt. It was reported that Ichihashi had undergone plastic surgery on at least two occasions, in Nagoya and Fukuoka, to remove two moles on his cheek, add a fold to his eyelids, thin both his lips, and to increase the height of his nose. Police released a post-operation photograph to the press provided by the surgeon that completed the surgery for the killer. This led to Lindsay Hawkers killer being spotted and caught while trying to catch a ferry to Okinawa.

The family has expressed their feelings to the news and our hearts go out to them. Lindsay father said he was glad that he could go to his daughter’s grave and tell her that her killer had been captured.