“Moteki” movie reveals steamy cast

In March, it was revealed that the drama series “Moteki” was getting a movie version with actor Moriyami Mirai again in the lead role, but the main female cast was unknown at the time. A press conference held on Monday unveiled his new co-stars: Nagasawa Masami, Aso Kumiko, Naka Riisa, and Maki Yoko.

Both the drama series and the movie are adaptations of Kubo Mitsuro’s romance/comedy manga “Moteki,” which tells the story of a man named Fujimoto Yukiyo (Moriyama) who suddenly finds himself very popular with women, something he has never experienced before. In the drama series, the main female characters were played by Nonami Maho, Mitsushima Hikari, Matsumoto Rio, and Kikuchi Rinko.

While the television drama followed the plot of the manga, the movie version is an entirely original story written by Kubo. The protagonist Yukiyo moves on from being a temp worker to writing for a news website, and he soon meets several women who are all interested in him.

Nagasawa plays Miyuki, a magazine editor with a “killer smile” whom Yukiyo meets through Twitter; Aso plays Miyuki’s friend Rumiko; Naka plays a girls’ bar employee named Ai; and Maki plays Yukiyo’s senpai Motoko.

The movie is already set for release on September 23, 2011.

Matsuda Shota – star of “Hard Romanticker”

The latest film from director Gu Su-yeon (“Guuzen ni mo Saiaku no Shounen”) will star actor Matsuda Shota (25), it has been revealed. Titled “Hard Romanticker,” the film is based on Gu Su-yeon’s debut novel of the same name, a partially autobiographical account of his experiences as a second-generation Korean in Japan.

Matsuda plays the part of Gu, a high school dropout who works as a part-timer. He gets tangled in trouble through a gangster that he has known since he was a child (Maki Kurodo), leading to the involvement of a police detective (Watabe Atsuro).

For the role, Matsuda came up with the idea to dye his hair blond and slick it back. Filming started on April 29 and is planned to finish at the end of this month. The story is set in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi (where Matsuda’s father and legendary actor Matsuda Yusaku was born) and in Ogura, Fukuoka.

The supporting cast also features Nagayama Kento, Emoto Tokio, Maki Yoko, Watanabe Dai, Endo Yuya (D-BOYS), Ochiai Motoki (NAKED BOYZ), Ishigaki Yuma, Endo Kaname, Ashina Sei, Nakamura Shido, Hakuryu, Kaneko Nobuaki, Kawano Naoki, and Awaji Reiko.

“Hard Romanticker” is scheduled for release in early 2012.